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Adam Eschliman
Danny Berger-DeRoos
Thommy Berger-DeRoos

The Slow Stoics are a power trio from Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District. With a mix of driving rock and melodic grooves, their psychedelic blend of sounds has coined the name, “Celestial Crunk.”


The band was founded in November 2010 by the Berger-DeRoos Bros, Thommy & Danny. After a few lineup changes, bassist Adam Eschliman joined the band in 2014 and the group has been playing regional shows since April 2016.


As the Slow Stoics plan to boldly go where no band has gone before, they have embarked on two regional tours and released two studio albums. Their most recent release, in celebration of the band’s 10 Year Anniversary, is “Celestial Crunk.” The album is available on all platforms.

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