Hailing from Omaha, NE, the Slow Stoics are a young jam band that incorporates their raw sounds with improvisation to achieve their signature sound they like to call, "Celestial Crunk."

In November 2010, drummer Danny Berger-DeRoos and older brother Thommy on guitar, founded the Slow Stoics with 4 friends, at the young ages of 12 & 16. They played gigs periodically, recorded their first studio album, and made a few lineup changes through 2014, when an indefinite hiatus was brought upon by personal reasons.

The next couple of years welcomed bass player Adam Eschliman to the band, who had played in other projects with Danny, before. The Slow Stoics began playing open mics around their hometown in Winter 2015, which led to their first stage performance in April 2016.

The Slow Stoics continually put on awe-inspiring performances that show off musicality beyond their years and captivate listeners of all ages. Through touring and gracing fans with the Crunk, the Slow Stoics are looking to boldly go where no band has gone before!



Adam Eschliman
Thommy Berger-DeRoos
Danny Berger-DeRoos

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